Homilies by Fr. Mark Mertes

6/25/17  Ordinary 12A How Much More

3/12/17   Lent 2A Bienveillance – A Kind Look

1/24/16   Ordinary 3A Jesus Fills the Universe

12/25/15  Christmas 2015 A Face to Face Encounter

6/28/15  Ordinary 13B Sarah’s Story: The Day I Broke the Rules

2/8/15    Ordinary 5B We Need Soul Therapy

1/25/15  Ordinary 3B They Abandoned their Nets

12/25/14  Christmas 2014 Make a Friend Today

9/28/14  Ordinary 26ª Changing Our Minds is a Good Thing If…

7/20/14  Trinity Sunday: Except with Open Hands

3/2/14   Fr. Chester Smith, SVD, Guest preacher Finished with Fear and Insecurity

1/1/13     Mary, Mother of God, 2014 The Arks of the Covenant

12/29/13  Holy Family A 2013: Joseph, the Master Dreamer

12/15/13  Advent 3A: Be Patient, Persevere, and Be Pleased

12/1/13   Advent 1A: It can be really difficult to awaken!

11/3/13    Ordinary 31C: Receive with Joy

10/27/13   Ordinary 30C: God Confirms us in Right Relationship

9/22/13    Ordinary 25C: Do the Little Things Well

8/25/13     Ordinary 21C: The Narrow Gate is the Way to Life

8/17/13     On Fire for God’s Cause

8/4/13       Ordinary 18C: Put on the Mind of Christ

6/17/13     Faith Sets us Free

6/2/13       Body and Blood of Christ

5/5/13       Easter 6C: Communion Takes Time

4/21/13     Peace Be With You; Do Not Be Afraid

3/31/13     Holy Saturday and Easter 2013: Jesus Christ, The Last Piece of the Puzzle

3/17/13      Getting Our Own House in Order

2/3/13        Ordinary 4C The Only Way Forward

1/20/13       Good Wine Begins Anew Each Day

12/30/12     Holy Family C: Joseph, Father of a Teenager

12/23/12     Advent 4c: Absolute Love Visits Us

12/16/12      Advent 3C:  Biblical Hope is Better than a Lottery Ticket

11/26/12       Ordinary 34B: One Like A Son of Man

10/21/2012  Ordinary 29B: Through Suffering My Servant Will Justify Many

10/7/2012    Ordinary 27B: The Stuff of Suffering

9/9/2012      Ordinary 23B: That We Find Our Voice!

9/3/2012      Ordinary 22B: What We Do With God’s Grace

8/19/2012     Ordinary 20B: Why I Love Being Catholic

7/8/2012       Ordinary 14B: That the Power of Christ May Dwell with Me

6/17/2012     Ordinary 11B: The Irresistible Power of Christ

6/3/2012       Trinity Sunday 2012:  God Keeps Communicating Himself to Me!

5/6/2012       Easter 5B: Stay Connected!

4/29/2012     Easter 4B: Jesus is my Shepherd

4/8/2012       Easter 3B: I was Asleep and I Awoke

1/22/2012     Ordinary 3B: It May Be Later Than We Think

1/8/2012       Epiphany 2012: Gaspar’s Journey

12/25/2011   Christmas 2011: After 2000 years, Christ Remains